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Have a Unique Week 1

The game this week is all about being responsible for your interpretations. You are the one who decides what things mean. You know it's true, it' all up to you, but still we must practice, we must flex that muscle in order to know we have it.

You are the ruler of your perceptions. So this week please realize your power to create your world your way. Whatever you say it is, IT IS. Be careful what you think. If you think life is a challenge; IT IS. If you think life is a test; IT IS. 

You decide what it is, but may I suggest you play a bit this week and start creating a wonderful new interpretation of your life. Life is Good. I have a wonderful life.

This weeks game!

Decide what your life is.


And then live that way

Maybe Monday you decide life is a Game
And then you play a bit more

And Tuesday you decide life is Sacred
And then you stop in reverence and appreciate it a bit more

Wednesday you decide life is an experiment 
And so you do things differently and take some risks

Thursday you decide life is a joke
And you laugh all day long, at how serious you used to be

Friday you decide life is art and poetry
And you pen a verse and speak in a strange accent

Saturday you discover life is a Smorgasbord
And you sample a few new wonders

Sunday you Realize life is Heaven
And you sigh and let go... falling into the arms of eternal love


How to Play.
Just do it every day for seven days. Wake up and declare what life is, then go and prove it to yourself, go live the life you choose in the world you choose to see.

OK try it right now... What's it going to be?  Life is...

Tips for a more successful Game.
Don't be a victim ever again. Learn this week once and for all, no matter what happens,  life is always what you say it is. Everything that happens to you is a perception. It is up to you to decide what it means. 

Is life a test? a struggle? or a great adventure? decide now and in that decision experience your God given power.

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Effects you may  experience.
Power to create the world you want and every good thing. Peace, laughter, flexibility, fun, creativity and access to miracles as perception changes. 

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.



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