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Since we did the  program in January  of 2001, We have increased our income by $20,000.00 per month. The work reminded us who we really are.

We have also done the health program and produced amazing transformation in our lives and especially in the life of our special needs daughter. We have lots more energy, vitality, and mental clarity and our daughter has been doing  much better  in school. It really is the best health we've ever had. We don't get sick any more in the flu  season. You've got to try this program to see how fantastic whole food nutrition can be.

John and Lisa Highlands Ranch Co.

John and Lisa Schonewill

The fundamentals of John's approach are deceptively simple - but once into the program, an alchemy takes place.  Core beliefs are shattered and miracles occur. I totally recommend John as a coach.
N  Mantooth  
Denver Co 

In March of 1999, I started John McKenna's program.  Within one year, I had increased my income by an average of $450.00 per month, lost 40lbs, and found a new love and appreciation for my life.  I continue to work the program, have greater results and find each time through it to be a new and rewarding experience.
Sue Relihan 

There is magic in this program.  You can experience having the life you've always dreamed of.  Mr. McKenna makes this a unique and enriching program which helps you to be the magnificent being you truly are. A short time after taking an Easy Living seminar given by John I became debt free and had money in the bank for the first time in years. I created an additional new stream of residual income too.

I received a bonus check of $7,500.00 as a direct result of the coaching that John McKenna gave me on a new business that I was just starting. I tried the health program, I got way more energy, I lost weight and kept it off, and my immune system became much more effective. I no longer got sick with the winter flu. My health improved in so many areas it's kind of hard to even remember what it was like before. 

Rev. Jill Patterson  


I have learned what direction I truly want to go and how to get there. I have gotten a terrific productive job working with great people  and bringing in much abundance. I have drawn in many new friends and have lost 25 lbs.
Diane Morton Denver

"My business was failing, I was at the end of my rope financially and I couldn't see a way out. Then John outlined for me a simple solution that I could never have seen by myself".

"I went home with a new hope and a positive attitude that I hadn't had in years. I implemented the strategies, got out from under the debt and pressure and we soon reached the $300,000.00 mark in our once troubled business. I would heartily recommend John McKenna's services to anyone who needs to re-vitalize their business." 
Gary Morris Deland Fla

I have become more focused in the moment and as a result I have experienced more happiness and a lot less resistance, this has helped me to become a better mother.
Estela Santamaria   

I learned something from each lesson.  Although some lessons I had practiced for years, after completing Creating A Wonderful Life it's not a matter of practicing's a daily way of living; being happy, content and fulfilling my dreams.

I manifested the new dream house in a  wonderful neighborhood, a wonderful new  job, a new car, and more happiness for all of us. Our family is doing really well and we are happy.

Vicky Bernstein  
Morrison Co.

You really can create your dreams and get what you want.  You really can let go of the negativity that used to rule your life.
Pat Thorpe

While John's education and experience make him a qualified presenter, his insight, wit and caring make his workshops unique and impactful.  
Wally Wessel 

The results are immediate from doing the exercises.  Life should be fun and maybe this is the element which may have been missing from some coaching I have had.
Terry Wilkinson  

Barb Wolma, Littleton  Co

I have been in the Genesis club for a year. I have also been doing the health program. These two things have changed my  life forever. I have experienced tons of energy. It is a good clean energy, not like coffee or some kind of stimulant. I was able to ski harder and longer than my husband this year and I can keep up with my two boys easily when we play together. Which we now do! 

The most important part of having energy is the ability to have more fun. And I really do have more fun now. I am biking, hiking and skiing with a lot more stamina. I have also noticed an improvement in my skin since starting. It appears to be clearer and people say I look about ten years younger. I think my husband is beginning to notice it too. My appetite has decreased and I am losing weight and keeping it off without any effort.   

I had a knee injury two years ago so that knee was always a bit weak, since starting this program my knee is stronger than it has ever been. I also used to have migraine headaches all the time and they have just about completely disappeared. This is so tremendous for me, you have no idea how much of a drag these headaches can be. 

My two sons have also reported more energy from this program and this is great for them because they are so active in sports. But the best part is the mental clarity and balancing of mood swings, wow. My two boys ages 11 and  13  get along so much better now and they actually play together instead of quarreling, they both seem to have a calmer disposition, and I know I do.  Our household is a much happier place, with positive attitudes and laughter running rampant.  Even the cat is happier. My cat Sher is 17 years old and wow, she is jumping up on windowsills she couldn’t reach before, and you can see that she is perky again and has a more energy and a better coat. 

Please consider giving this program a good fair try, the long term benefits are so worth it. 

Fun, impressive and powerful... if you can get out of the box of your old way of being, shifts will happen.
Katherine Ward 

I am experiencing a lot of growth through meeting my challenges and evolving through them to a greater and higher level of consciousness.  Life should be fun and this class certainly offers it.
Allen Ward 




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