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Often when we don’t know "what you focus on expands"  we focus on what’s wrong with the world, my life, my mate, my body, or whatever... we freak out as that focus grows, gathers evidence, and becomes a “seeming” reality. We feel fear, worry, lack, panic and a sense that life is passing us by. However, if we will focus on the good that we have now it WILL quickly begin to show up in our lives.

Now your good will be expanding every day. That’s where Transformation Games come in handy. Transformation Games are tailor made for you based on your particular situation. These games create paradigm shifts, fun, and miracles as you play.  And it’s really fun when you discover the games that you have been playing unconsciously that you don’t have to play anymore. 

So let’s play, lets create a new world. Transformation Games will teach you the subtleties of the Law of Perception and the Laws of attraction and abundance. You’ll notice phenomenal luck and joyous fulfillment as you play these games. E-mail me for a free consultation on how a new game can give you a wonderful life now.  

John McKenna is the author of this site and listed below are some things about him. 

But really...The best way to know John is to send a letter or call him up, or  Listen to John Here with a free audio on Happiness.

"You can get a lot done with very little stress and have a great time doing it. You can do what you love for a career. I am proud to say I have never had a job as an adult. But I have worked and played at many fun and fulfilling things."

Here is a brief bio. 

1976 John started his first Sign Company
John became a Black belt in Japanese Karate. 

1983 John expands sign business into marketing, advertising and management consulting for existing clients. 

1984 A Study of Kuntao. Opens the Wu-li School of Martial Arts, offers Meditation classes, Peak Performance Training, Athletic coaching.

1990 John began consulting for businesses and coaching clients . 

1995 on the road as a trainer for Phazx corporation.
Sits on the board of directors. Building websites, graphics, advertising and marketing for Phazx.

1996 begins to write and create workshops and seminars, The Genesis Club. EZliving Personal coaching business begins

1998 Purplemusic recording studio created.

It is safe to say...John is a successful entrepreneur and understands the principles of running a business.

John has created and sold two high volume industrial sign companies. They are successful companies which are still providing employment to many people. He started his first company at the age of 19.

He is a consultant to the small business community and conducts training in management, customer service, marketing, peak performance, and personal excellence. A favorite hobby of his is to salvage and repair small businesses that have fallen on hard times.

John McKenna has been a Martial Arts instructor for 33 years. He studied Japanese Go-Ju, Tae Kwon-Do, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kickboxing. He finally settled down and has studied Kuntao for the last 23 years with Bob Orlando and holds the highest rank awarded in this system. He understands what it takes to motivate people into states of peak performance.

He understands business, intense focus and discipline, and his training in Eastern philosophy will help you to master your mind and emotions so that you can be peaceful and stress free under any and all circumstances. Visit the website below to see a training video.

He continues to own and operate The Wu-Li school of Martial arts in Evergreen Colorado, teaching a unique form of Chinese Kuntao.

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An interview with John about for the Canyon Courier newspaper will give you some insights
Read this Interview-Article 
by Kayte Bear.

John created and produced a  seminar called Creating a Wonderful Life John has operated this seminar since 1996.

John is a Corporate Speaker and Seminar Leader. 

He teaches principles which produce tangible and measurable results in both your personal life and your business life. He has written a workbook on these principles gathered over ten years working with hundreds of people, titled (naturally...)

“Creating a wonderful life”.

How to Live in The Genius ZONE.

John Is an Artist and understands how to get in and stay in the creative zone of your inner genius. One of the companies he founded is still going strong today as “The Zuni Sign Company” in Evergreen. In a local event honoring the beautiful wooden signs of Evergreen John Claimed 12 awards out of 15 that were given out.  

John owns and operates a successful production service and recording studio where he helps other artists and speakers express themselves powerfully whether it is in song, poetry, or the spoken word. John has written and produced 6 CDs of his own original music so far 

John has been a co-writer and arranger on numerous demos and CDs for other singer-songwriters and speakers.  Hear John at

 John McKenna is also, a multi-talented renaisance man

John won the 7th annual Billboard Songwriters competition in the rock category. He started the Open mike night at the Evergreen Hotel  which was voted best Open mike night by Westword magazine in 2002. 

John McKenna resides upon a mountaintop in Conifer. He takes on new clients if they are as committed to their success as he is committed to them. 

His unusual philosophy is a cross-reference from his many diverse business interests and a lifelong career in Martial arts, music, marketing and management consulting and personal growth. His is a  philosophy of peace, infused with the dynamic creativity of American entrepreneurial skills.

John McKenna has proven his effectiveness in many different fields. With his acquired knowledge of marketing, motivation, psychology, philosophy, and personal development John can teach you how to reach your highest potential by mastering your mind, your emotions and your body to overcome any obstacles that seem to stand in your way. 

Call John for a free phone consultation to see if a coaching relationship would be beneficial to you or your business. Call 720-417-9631 any day after 10 AM.

“John McKenna is a devout student of life, business, and the subtle sciences. From running successful companies, to creating health networks and designing small business systems he has proven again and again that these principles work in a tangible demonstrative way. John is definitely a master of organizational skills and time management because he values his peaceful life while effortlessly running his many businesses.” Rev. Jill Patterson Parker Co.  

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