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"Creating a Wonderful Life"  

Sunday September 10th 1-4:00 at Mount Vernon Country Club
One Sunday per month 2017 Dates at bottom of page


You will get re-inspired as you powerfully Create a Wonderful New Life

Become the power you are.

Enter a state of  peak performance.
Learn to live the principles of eternal youth.
You will learn how to enter "The Genius Zone" at will.
You will have inner peace in a seemingly overwhelming world.
Create miracles that transcend luck through the laws of attraction and LOVE.
Improve all your relationships, and learn how to be free of stress and suffering, it's easier than you think

 In addition to the techniques of mind mastery, you will learn a way to reach a state of ecstatic bliss.

The Bliss technique that we will practice will get you high and happy with no drugs.
Though it feels "Spiritual" it is based on solid science.
It activates the Pineal and Pituitary glands and flows the good hormones into your bloodstream.
You will get A Yippee Dance Hormone high.
Testosterone, Estrogen, Human Growth Hormone and More!!!

 The Pineal Gland produces hormones for anti-aging such as HGH and melatonin.
It transforms what you believe and "SEE" into chemical and hormonal activations in the body.
It’s a fascinating subject. Google it if you are interested.
 At this workshop we will teach you how to activate these two powerful health generating glands.
The Pituitary Gland
is the Master gland and regulates the other glands.

You will truly come away from this event feeling good and knowing how to create a new wonderful life of happiness and radiant health. Call me to rsvp as I keep the groups small (10 people) such that all have a more powerful experience

E-mail to RSVP me or call at 720-417-9631

It's A Hugely FUN Event for Men and Women who want more from life. You will have fun, feel great, make new friends and improve your health dramatically. Suggested donation $45.00

2017 Dates are   Sept 10th, Oct 15th, Nov 12th and Dec 9th.



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