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Have a Unique Week 2

The game this week is to move people into happier states of mind. You are the first one to practice on. The idea is simple yet you may resist it. There is no past, there is no psychology, there is no baggage, there are no wounds. There is simply you thinking thoughts in real time NOW.


You must become the ruler of your thoughts. So this week please realize your power to move your mind and the minds of others. 
The Game is simple, use unique questions to move mind into nice areas of thought. 

Lead People To Happiness

The mind is a computer containing millions of file folders. 
The way you access a folder is with a question. 

Ask yourself questions that access nice folders containing happier thoughts. Then practice this art on every person you come in contact with this week.

How to Play.
Beware: A question is a time bomb. Avoid stupid questions.

Consider the usual questions that people ask as a courtesy, like: "What's goin on?" Nothin much...

or How are you? OK, How are you?

another stupid question people often ask is What's new? or "Workin hard?"  "Keepin Busy?" 

You get the point. People ask a number of inane questions that indicate they are asleep, disinterested, and stupid. Don't fall into this category. "Hey how's it hangin' ?"

Ask people different questions instead of the usual. 
What really interesting thing did you do last week? or, What are you enthusiastic about? What are you looking forward to? and then watch them they will actually look forward into the future files and ahhhh they feel good.

OK try it right now on yourself, you know the exercise...
Go ahead and ask yourself a question that accesses the nice parts of your hard drive.

What are you enthusiastic about?
Who are you proud of?
What are you looking forward to?
Who do you really love a lot?
Why don't you just call them right now and ask them a wonderful question.

Tips for a more successful Game.
Don't be a victim ever again. Learn this week once and for all, no matter what happens,  life is always what you say it is. Everything that happens to you is a perception. It is up to you to decide what it means. 

Is life a test? a struggle? or a great adventure? decide now and in that decision experience your God given power.

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Effects you may  experience.
Power to create the world you want and every good thing. Peace, laughter, flexibility, fun, creativity and access to miracles as perception changes. 

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.




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