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Welcome to Week 3 in the month that changed your life. 

Dusting off the wish nature, learning to think like a high energy genius. Childlike innocence is required for true genius, and so is fun. Genius is always associated with something you really love to do, and a sense of play.

1. Get really comfortable in your neat little space. No phones. No distractions. Get a clean sheet of paper out and a bunch of colored pens and/or pencils. The bright colors are important. Remember genius is fun. Doodle with colors, turn your pages into expressive shapes and let your creative nature dance with these lessons.

2. Sit quietly  for a few minutes. Just breathing in and out. Feel that you are breathing through all the pores of your body and when you exhale feel that you are expanding out into infinity.  When your mind wanders just acknowledge it as "thinking thoughts" and very gently pull your mind back to your breathing practice. Do this for at least 5 minutes and keep pulling your mind back. If you feel restless simply acknowledge it as "restless" and return to your breathing practice.

3. Feel true love for GOD or for that which you call the great Mystery. 
Feel love flowing in for your friends, family, associates and for you too. Just simple appreciation and gentle feelings. 

4. Write down a few things you are warmly grateful for.

5. Write down the answer to this question. What do you really love to do?
If you had all the time and all the money what would you do? If you won the lottery today, what would you start doing? What would you stop doing? Can you start or stop any of that now?

6. Write down a list of things to do today, put a few really important things on that list like "powerful communications I need to deliver".

7. Live the day in your mind, deliver those important communications. Ask for what you want. Give out love. Solve problems with win-win solutions for all concerned. After you live the day in your mind, affirm some wonderful feelings with declarations of power. I feel great, this is a wonderful day, I am really beginning to move forward in my life. Say whatever you want just so it's true.

Play with  free flowing desires this week. Let your imagination out. Do not qualify your dreams by money or lack of money. Just dream freely. Allow yourself to remember the joy of being a kid, remember back when the whole world was waiting, when anything was possible.

Well it still is.


E-mail me on day 21 to let me know how you are doing.



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