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Two Paths, One Choice. 

There are only two roads you can take, the road to LOVE or the twisted path of the ego. One leads to joy and the other to pain. You know you are on the path of the ego if you have fear, a subtle dread, or depression. You are on the path to LOVE when you are joyous. On the ego path you are busy seeking outside yourself for something that can make you happy. On the road to LOVE you enjoy what you have. The ego is fear of the future and regret of the past. Love is in between the past and future. LOVE is Now. The ego is highly invested in the body, its comfort and pleasure, itís pain and sickness. Love overlooks all this and thatís how it heals. To love yourself is to heal yourself. 

The ego judges people and separates them. LOVE joins people. The ego judges us harshly. It makes us seek self- improvement. It says ďThere is something wrong with meĒ. Too heavy, too old, not good enough, needing something. All this activity just to escape a judgment. Itís easier to drop the judgment. Love yourself and then do the next right thing. 

The first step on the road to LOVE is to love that which is closest to you, which is you. Love yourself first and it will radiate out. If you donít love yourself first all your steps go down the wrong road, colored by guilt. On the wrong road, no matter what you accomplish you will still be unhappy. Love is the only thing that will ever satisfy us. On the road to LOVE the first step is to accept and love yourself then you can love and accept others. On the path of ego we try to love others first because we were told we should, but we canít, and then we feel guilty for that. Ego is guilt  LOVE is innocence. The path to love forgives. The path of ego blames. 

The ego tries to get more because the ego is poverty. In LOVE you give more because you are overflowing. LOVE is wealth, ego is poverty. The road to LOVE is relaxed. The path to fear is tense. You know itís true. 

Only when you Love are you satisfied. With the ego, even when you attain your desires, you are left unsatisfied. That is where the ego always leads. The path to LOVE is characterized by faith and letting go. The ego path is characterized by doubt and clinging. The path of the ego is the path of this world. The path of ego is the nightly news. If you want to know what path you are on just notice how you feel. Itís that simple. 

You can  be or do whatever you want in life, but know youíll only find Joy on the road to LOVE. When you are tempted to walk the other way donít fight the ego, just let it go. When ego calls you, notice the pain and fear. Then breathe deep, exhale, sigh, say ahhh, and let it all go. Ahhh. Exhale your old beliefs and let them go, all of them. Notice the gap after your exhale and before you inhale again. It is peaceful. Do this for a few minutes, say a prayer if you want, then open your eyes, return to the moment and choose love again. Play more, laugh, be happy, love yourself.

John McKenna



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