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Chapter One


You are about to embark on a fabulous journey. Today you begin again.  

I have some very good news for you. Did you know that there are many people in the world who have overcome limitation, poverty, and lack, and have learned to live completely fulfilled lives doing exactly what they love to do. I am one of them. The good news is that if I can do it so can you. You have the same equipment as me or anyone else for that matter, and now you have the same tools, in the ideas contained within this little program. 

It is only the quality of your ideas which have determined the quality of your life. In other words, your life is an exact picture of what you believed was possible for you, based on who you believe you are, and what you feel you deserve. On this journey into your perfect life you will realize that anything is possible, that everything is available to you, and that infinite happiness, joy, love, and fulfillment are your true birthright. 

There are very sensible laws that govern all the kingdoms of nature, that is why nature never fails. Nature works perfectly all the time, naturally. Man has enjoyed making up his own laws, and in the process has forgotten some of the simple true laws of nature. The basic laws are designed to keep us happy, balanced and prosperous and these laws never fail. Now we are going to learn to re-establish these laws unto ourselves as the basis of our perfect life. 

You already have a perfect life. Your life is the perfect out-picturing of nature's perfect laws. In this program we are going to understand how you have created the life you now live, and how to create an infinitely better life experience. This program takes thirty days, because anything new requires a period of time to become a habit. Your happy, blissful life is about to become an unshakable habit that will remain with you for as long as you want it to.   


It only takes a few minutes per day to effect the changes that will deliver you to the life you have always dreamed of. The secret is consistency. Begin each day with a few moments dedicated to yourself, and at the end of thirty days you will have begun a new life, a joyous, prosperous and fulfilling life. Ask yourself if you are willing to take a few minutes each day to change your life. Is it worth it?  You can have the fulfillment of your dreams or you can have the same old life you've always known, it's up to you. Make an irreversible decision to do the program every day, and you will achieve a wonderful new life, and the fulfillment of all your dreams. Remember, the longest journey begins with a single step. You have just taken one step. 

Before you start the game
There are a few things you should know…  

This program is not a book to be read. It is a game of skill and as such it demands that you actually play or do what it says. It contains valuable skills and it takes practice. If you practice and make it the game of life you will produce results that are miraculous. 

Just work 15 minutes twice a day, get done what you get done and accept that as good. Many people believe that they are stuck at a certain point because they feel that they aren't doing it right. If this happens to you just move on. Do what you can and don't judge yourself. Keep it easy. There is no right and wrong here. 

Each time you do this workbook your skills will improve and your life will be a little bit better. It contains an enormous amount of deceptively simple technologies, and they all work. Know that they won't all  speak to you each month. Some will stand out, some will make no sense, some will cause resistance and some will give you incredible happiness immediately. Therefore just do what you can in 15 minutes twice a day. 

That's the secret to infinite wealth and happiness. Small steps done consistently. Small steps won't stir up too much resistance from the old self who resists change. 

Let's examine some of the ways you will be encouraged by your ego to not do this program. Please take note because these roadblocks will show up to stop you from getting the things you truly want. 

I already know all that stuff, and it doesn't work for me. It's too simple. I'm too tired today. I'm too busy. I don't have the time. I'll do it later.  That's stupid.  I'll just do two lessons tomorrow so I don't have to do it today. I'm not doing it right. It's too hard.  I don't feel any different so it must not be working.  I'm not going to do it,  I'm on vacation. 

Please know that these things occur for me on a regular basis and I wrote the course. I have been teaching and training in Martial arts for over 20 years so I obviously have discipline yet I  never get through this workbook without encountering some of these blocks. I rarely finish in 30 days. 

The perfect discipline has eluded me so far and I have been doing it for 10 years. So give yourself a break if you miss a day. Just do the best you can consistently. 

In all my years of teaching this program perhaps the most interesting way I've seen the ego stop people is they just forget to do it and lose the book. The other thing I see often is people waiting to start it later when things are just right. And later never comes. 

It is a game. As a game you wouldn't want it to be too easy would you?

Have fun with this. It's the new you vs. the old you. Find a partner who will keep you on task and do it with a friend. It's much more fun and the results are much better. Some of the lessons are very exciting and fun when you have a buddy. 

You will become an unstoppable force for good. 

Welcome to the Ultimate Game. 

I’m glad you decided to play. It’s going to be your new self vs. your old self. It doesn’t matter who gets the highest score. Just by playing every day you will become rich. Just by playing every day you will win.  What’s at stake is your future. That’s right, Your Life. The purchase of the book includes a coaching session. It is 39.00. 

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