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Welcome to Week 4 in the month that changed your life.

You are about to create a million dollar habit. Stay with it and don't give up. You are probably feeling a sense of accomplishment, a certain power might be flowing in. You will have noticed that you had some easy times and you met some resistance. Oh well... that's life.

Whatever you want, the price is the same. It's the price of living. No matter what your dream is, the cost is this...

1. It will take twenty seven months of daily focus, goal setting, questioning and action.
2. You will have 76 days when you doubt yourself.
3. You will worry about money 130 times.
4. You will feel rejected 83 times.
5. You will have 42 bad hair days.

You get the idea, these things are just the conditions of living. These things will happen no matter what you are going after. So go after something important.

Turn your marriage into a romantic and passionate love story, Get Married if you're single. Save the world, start a foundation, turn your career into a glorious and expanding world of opportunity. Heal people, touch their hearts. Write a poem, write a screenplay, write a book or an opera. Dare to be who you are. Dream big, the cost is the same no matter what.
Ok enough pep talk here we go...

1. Sit quietly breathing for 5 minutes at least, go for ten if you can. This is called tonglen practice. Bring your mind back by acknowledging its wandering with the thought "thinking thoughts".

2. Write down 5 things you are grateful for, feel true love sweeping through your body for this world, your friends, your self and all the living creatures.

3. If you had all the time and all the money what would you do with your life?

4. Why?

5. List your day, what's really important? What are the key communications that you need to deliver? What do you want? Who can you ask?

6. Live the day in your mind, affirm the truth about this wonderful new life you are attaining, go out and live it.

7. At the end of the day lay down and gently review each moment of the day, How was it? where did you stumble? What went really well?

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