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Welcome to Week 2 in the month that changed your life. 

Creating a laser-like focus.

It is week two of your new life. Do you feel the emotional power of a week of ritual. You should now have a feeling that everything's going to be alright. You are on track, you are focused, you are living on purpose and moving toward a goal.

It is time to notice the aspects of your life. 

1. Write down the areas of your life where you have energy invested.
Family, friends, romance, career, hobby, household, possessions, finances, spirituality, health, personal growth, clubs, teams etc. What are the aspects of your life? What are the fields of you play in? 

2. Write down one gratitude for each area of your life. Feel love flowing in. Love for The great Mystery, GOD, your friends, your opportunities. Love for you. Because you have always done the best you can do.

3. What are your goals? Write down one goal for each area that needs a goal.

3. Visualize all areas working perfectly.

4. What one goal can deliver you to the fulfillment of most of the others? This is your atomic power, this one small goal can deliver you to so many other things. This is where you apply force. You split the atom here and attain this goal first.

Once you have this goal you can split it into small parts until it is the most do-able little project in the world. Ponder this process every day for 7 days. Do it and re-do it, apply it to different areas. It is a way to think that is very effective. It gets you in touch with the very next thing you are to do. It gets you focused on the most important things so you don't waste time doing everything else.

5. Write down your list of things to do, make sure three important things are on that list.

6. See the day in your minds eye, live it completely. Then go out into it knowing it will be perfect.




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