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Welcome to Week 1 in the month that changed your life. 

Taking a stand for yourself and creating a powerful habit.

It is week one of your new life. Take ten minutes in the morning to plan and visualize your day and your life. Create a sacred space where you can do this ritual every day. Negotiate with the people in your life for this quiet time for yourself.

Work on yourself more than you work on your business. Work on developing the highest aspects of yourself. Practice love. Forgive the world of appearances. Cultivate peace and compassion. Become attractive to all people by becoming the deep peace, the radiation of all love and compassion.

How you ask?

Create a powerful habit by doing the same ritual for 21 days.

1. Sit quietly every morning for a few minutes. Use the same spot. Insist that people leave you alone during this time. Unplug the phone. This time is the womb of creation for you, it is the beginning of the day.

Practice true love for GOD or for that which you call the great Mystery. Feel this love as gratitude.

2. Write down five things you are grateful for.
Become aware that there are some really wonderful things happening in your life.

3. Answer these questions.
What is already working in your life?
What do you love to do?
How can you incorporate that love into your business?
Who do you know who likes you? Can you ask them for help?
Can you ask them for referrals?

4. Now visualize the answer to this one
How will your business or life look in 1 year?

5. List the things you have to do today. Make sure that there are at least three important things on this list. Please realize that important things are rarely urgent. That is why they never get done. 
E-mail me and let me know your starting date.
If you can get through the entire seminar without missing a day I will send you a copy of Creating a Wonderful Life for free.

6. Now sit for a moment and live the day in your mind. Go to the places make the calls and see the results ahead of time.

Do this ritual every day for 7 days in a row. Do not skip ahead to the next ritual. Doing this practice will completely change your life. 



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