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Have a Unique Week #9

The game is all about complete relaxation. The reason for this is that later games depend on your ability to relax your body, mind, and emotions. 

Please forward this page to anyone who needs to relax a bit, this might be just what they need. 

Most of your physical tension comes from tense thoughts that you are holding in your mind. Also old grudges, fears of an imagined future, and other stressful thoughts all create a tense mind which tightens your physical muscles. All this useless tension takes the joy from your days and robs you of truly creative and resourceful states of mind. Therefore we must learn to relax the mind in order to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life.

This weeks game!
Learn to Relax your Mind


Keep doing the breathing from Week 7 
and review Week 8 also. 


There is a basic rule of mind that you should know. The rule is: When you ask your mind a question it must answer. That's just how it is. So this week every chance you get, ask your mind this question. 

What would I have to believe to be totally relaxed?  Then listen.

Your mind will give you the belief you need to entertain for relaxing  right now, right here, in your current situation. Then believe it. Use faith.

Then think that thought for a while and bask in the release of mental tension. AHHH, just let go.

How to Play.
To get the most out of this game consider rigorous honesty in admitting that you have never been completely mentally relaxed in your life. Always there is some fear somewhere. Start to notice. Check on your mental machinery.

Why worry, it ties up your energy. Why fear the future or regret the past, it never helps you to live better, it just makes you tense. Ask your mind what thought or belief it needs and then think it. This teaches you to feed your mind.

OK try it right now... What would I have to believe to have peace now?

Tips for a more successful Game.
Turn your mind off when you are not using it. Ask it what beautiful thought it wants and then think it. Here's a question that really helps me a lot, when driving in the car or any time I feel the tension of the mind. I ask, What  is Peace? then I wait and listen. My mind answers, "acceptance, surrender, that pasture over there, those horses, that blue sky".

Remember: your mind has to answer, so be careful what you ask. A question like "Why is everyone so rude?" will get a tension filled answer, or "what's wrong with me?"  again the answer will not feel good so ask a question that leads your mind to peace. 

Please share with me the answers you get and I will post them.
They are usually beautiful thoughts like "you can trust that all is well", or "there is always enough of everything", or "everything is going to be OK just like always". So please share these with me and the group, they are always the most positive thoughts.

OK try it again now, Write each one down if you want, and spend 5 minutes feeling the feeling pf the belief or thoughts you are thinking.

What would I have to believe to feel love now?
What would I have to believe to feel secure now?
What would I have to believe to feel fulfillment now?
What would I have to think to appreciate myself now?

Review last weeks game. There are two meditations given. Decide to practice them this week and give yourself a real treat, sit quietly meditating for twenty minutes twice a day. Your body will love it and your mind will begin to relax quicker.

Call me if you want 303-838-9467

Remember, engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. And also remember if one of these weeks the game really works for you, make it a permanent part of your life, do it for months, it will change you completely at a deep core level.

Effects you may  experience.
Love, healing, energy, peace, contentment, and a greater ability to perform at your peak in all areas.

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.



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