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Have a Unique Week #8

Life can be a game but only if you play. The next few weeks the game is all about complete relaxation. The reason for this is that only in the relaxed state can you ever know powerful peak performance states. 

Please forward this page to anyone who needs to relax a bit, this might be just what they need. 

This weeks game!
Relax your Body With Loving Dialog


Keep doing the breathing from last weeks game

Now this week throughout the day check in with your body notice wherever there is a tension. Talk to your body like a friend. Tell it to relax wherever you feel the tension. 

Stay in tune with your body this week and talk to it. Find the tensions wherever they occur and tell them  to relax. Let your body be a friend, let it know you love it and will help it. Cultivate  a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your vehicle.

Cultivate a relationship with your friend the body and build that friendship with care. Next week we will relax the mind but the body must come first, so build the trust this week as you develop a friendship with your body.


How to Play.
To get the most out of this game consider rigorous honesty in admitting that you have never been completely relaxed in your life. Always there is some stress somewhere, physical, mental, or emotional, probably all three. Start to notice.

Check in with your physical machinery. How are you dear body? Any tension? After you ask you will notice that your shoulders are up around your ears. Then tell it "just relax". Remember to speak gently as you are developing a new friendship.

OK try it right now...Where is the tension? tell it to relax, then you can exhale and just let go, ahhh...

Tips for a more successful Game.
Friendship, awareness, and then letting go is the key. It might go like this: Hi there friend, how do you feel, oh you are tense in the shoulders, hey why don't we just relax now, AHHH, just let go AHHH...

You ride your body too hard and appreciate it too little. We always judge it harshly. We tell it cruel things like you are too fat, too skinny, look at those wrinkles etc. So this week be nice, say thank you, pay it a few compliments and treat it like a friend or a beloved pet.

OK try it right now, thank it and say something nice, try to appreciate it a little.

You can touch yourself with a little care also, massage a tense place, but do it with a little bit more love than usual. 

OK try it right now...

Review last weeks game there are two meditations given. Decide to practice them this week and give yourself a real treat, sit quietly meditating for twenty minutes twice a day. Your body will love it.

Call me if you want 303-838-9467

Remember, engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. And also remember if one of these weeks the game really works for you, make it a permanent part of your life, do it for months, it will change you completely at a deep core level.

Effects you may  experience.
Love, healing, energy, peace, contentment, and a greater ability to perform at your peak in all areas.

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.




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