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Have a Unique Week #7

Life can be a game but only if you play. This week we begin to find relaxation. For the next four weeks we are going to attempt to teach you how to relax. So stick with it. To get the most out of this game consider admitting that you have never been completely relaxed in your life. Always there is some stress somewhere. Complete relaxation of Body, Mind, and Emotions is Nirvana. 

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Exhale and let go of everything


This weeks game is so easy and so relaxing that you probably won't remember to do it at all. Please remember to do it every chance you get. This practice will reverse the aging process and help you in innumerable other ways also. 

The game is that whenever you exhale notice the empty space at the end of the breath before you inhale again. Put no effort on inhaling, just let your body automatically do it when it is ready. You simply notice the little gap before you inhale. In that gap your mind is quiet. 

In that gap is the doorway to eternal peace. Eternal peace begins when the mind gets quiet and the mind gets quiet when breathing is stopped.

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How to Play.
Exhale, let go, notice the empty quiet place, then your body inhales again, notice that also. Repeat the cycle and relax your mind.

OK try it right now...

Tips for a more successful Game.
Surrender is the key. The last thing that anyone ever does on Earth is exhale, then they go off into the heavenly realms. So every time you exhale you can discover true peace and die to this world of stress. Just let go.

There are two formal versions of this meditation that you can do if you want to sit still and really get into it. One version is to say AHHH when you exhale and feel the sensations of pleasure AHHH, just like getting into a hot bath or a comfortable bed with cool clean sheets. Then the gap. Then inhale again.

OK try it right now...AHHH

The other version is to open your eyes when you inhale as if you are waking up to the world of forms, then close your eyes as you exhale letting go, letting everything recede, dying and relaxing into the Gap. When you inhale you fill with life and your eyes open to the outside world, when you exhale you fall back into yourself and let the darkness cover you as you fall deep into your center of peace.

OK try it right now...eyes open eyes closed

These are meditations that relax the mind. The simplest way however is just wherever you are notice the gap when you exhale. This week of doing this little practice will be equal to a month at a spa in terms of rejuvenation, but only if you do it consistently. 

Note: If you can't remember to do this simple awareness it is because you do not value relaxation. If this is the case, ask yourself why?

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Remember, engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. And also remember if one of these weeks the game really works for you, make it a permanent part of your life, do it for months, it will change you completely at a deep core level.

Effects you may  experience.
Healing of stress related symptoms.

Joyous Transformation of your life 
Freedom from anger and mood swings
A deep joy
A quietness of the mind and deep relaxation

A very active restless mind all of a sudden, or 
energetic upheavals as your ego fights against the peace of "let go,"
maybe a sense that this game is stupid and you don't have time for it, and
a complete unwillingness to play , and a sense that you are just too busy.

Complete surrender is not appealing to the ego hence there may be some resistance to this simplest of all games, so just surrender the ego every time you exhale, let go of this world for a few seconds and discover pure pleasure, then the ego is more apt to cooperate..

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.





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