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Have a Unique Week #6

Life can be a game but only if you play. This weeks game will Calm you. This week you will start to find peace. This week you can see life differently if you play full out.

This weeks game!
Do only one thing at a Time

This weeks game may be impossible for some people. It will be difficult for most. But it is soooo worthwhile to play. This idea if taken to an extreme can make your life like a heaven.

The game is that whenever you think of it you are to wake up to what you are actually doing and DO ONLY THAT. There, that's the game. Do only  the one thing you are doing to the exclusion of all else; Just for one week see if you can do it. No Multi-tasking

How to Play.

There you are driving down the road thinking of everything else...Wake up, just drive, feel your fingers on the wheel, see the road, See the interior of the car, be a driver. When you realize how spaced out you can get behind the wheel, it might scare you. This is a great place to practice because it is the easiest place to practice. It is the place where we are most likely to space out.

Then take the exercise to every area of your life, you are eating, just eat completely, taste everything, enjoy the smells, get into it, chew every bite, no reading at the table. If you do this with food you eat slower you get full faster, and you lose weight because you are so much more satisfied. 

And then later when you find yourself on the phone, be totally engaged in listening to the other person, sit down and do it with reverence. Do the same with every conversation, be totally in the conversation, listen and respond perfectly with no side thoughts.

When you brush your hair do it with love. When you wash your face revel in it. All these things are so enjoyable when you participate completely. When you sing, when you dance, when you walk through the room, be totally engrossed  in the action.  Observe yourself like this and observe the environment you are in. (What do you mean you don't sing and dance? Well then, start, you can't live without singing and dancing.)

OK try it right now...there you are at the monitor, look at the room, look at the screen, have appreciation for your life because you have time to play the unique week game right now. This is all there is, you and the monitor and you are reading. AHHH... so relaxing to be in the moment to the exclusion of all else. This is it..................... and now...

Tips for a more successful Game.
Surrender and sink into the richness of the present moment. No future means no fear. Just this moment means peace, a slowing down and a tasting of life. A deep satisfaction will grow. Slow down in everything and feel reverence.

No multi tasking allowed. Just do one thing perfectly to the exclusion of all else. Feel the nuances , feel the subtleties. You will realize that you have been missing an entire world. You may realize that you have been asleep most of your life. This is the first step on the journey of awakening.

Call me if you want but realize if we are both being completely  in the now and living in the present moment we will have nothing to say and we'll just sit there being at one with the silence on the other end of the phone. We may be trapped like that for a long time.  If you dare 303-838-9467

Remember, engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. And also remember if one of these weeks the game really works for you, make it a permanent part of your life, do it for months, it will change you completely at a deep core level.

Effects you may  experience.
there will be great light when you slow down. Each task will take on a luminescence, and have a meditative quality. And after enough tasks like this are done your reverence for life expands and then one day the explosion occurs as all this luminescence within you merges and expands.

Joyous Transformation of your life 
A deep joy
A quietness and deep relaxation



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