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Have a Unique Week #5

Life can be a game but only if you play. This weeks game will let you know you are not alone. This week you will meet some very interesting people. This week you can learn some amazing things if you play full out. Please forward this page to anyone who needs to cheer up, this might be just what they need. It's easy to unsubscribe just click here.

This weeks game!

Ask and you will receive 
but only if you pay attention

For this weeks game we will use the prayer that is in your heart, and that might be a question that you ask of the Universe. It is you asking a greater force or wisdom to lead you in a certain way. This prayer is something that is really important to you that you want an answer to. So after you ask, let go and start looking around, be very alert and pay attention to every clue.

Then listen as GOD, (the force, Gaia, The Tao, or whatever you call it ) speaks to you through strangers, people you know, and especially children that you know or meet, billboards, signs, and assorted other media. You will be guided and led to the answer. There is often great humor in this. 

How to Play.
Pay attention to everyone in a different way, any second now GOD is going to possess them and they are going to reveal a clue to you. Just pay attention. There has never been a prayer that has gone unanswered, but there have been many answers gone unheard. So look and wait with expectancy every time you come into contact with another. 

This expectancy of yours and attention will call the answer or clue forth from GOD, through whoever you are listening to. Of course they will not know that they have been possessed by the spirit for a moment but you will.

GOD uses kids very often as messengers so pay strict attention to kids. But she also puts big signs up on the side of buildings and on the sides of busses. So pay attention, the world is trying to speak to you. Of course this is always going on but knowing what your question or prayer is makes it easier to see. So pick a good question or say a prayer and then pay attention. The answer must come.

OK try it right now...that's right go ahead...What's your question, or the prayer of your heart? Launch it let it go and start looking around for the visible manifestations.

Tips for a more successful Game.
What I do when I use this technique is I say "Universe be very loud with my clues, you know how dense I am sometimes." Surrender, have fun. For extra credit watch the movie LA story, in that movie GOD has to put the message up on a billboard... Groundhog day is a a good one too.

Call me if you want but you can't be sure you'll really be talking to me, I might become the voice of your next clue 303-838-9467

Engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. This will at the very least double the fun. Each week the game changes so keep a journal, Save the lessons and if one really works for you then play it for a month. If you really want to get the benefits keep score, give yourself points for each time you do the exercise. Consider creating some healthy competition with your friend, play for lunch or something. Most  importantly have fun May I suggest that you read this again half way through the week to see if you have missed something.

Effects you may  experience.
Joyous Transformation of your life 



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