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Have a Unique Week #4

Life can be a game but only if you play. This weeks game will change your  life if you play it with diligence. This weeks game contains the secret of how to access your own inner Genius. This weeks game introduces you to the secrets of eternal happiness, power, self-discipline, financial freedom and above all else LOVE. Play the Game and see how  thinking differently can change your life. Your life is made of days. This week have seven great days, and a new life is yours. Please forward this page to anyone who needs to cheer up, this might be just what they need. It's easy to unsubscribe just click here.

This weeks game!

Have seven days of Happiness

The game is played by using questions to manipulate your mind so you can stay in a positive state. This week you are to stay happy, positive and resourceful for 7 days (24 hours a day) by using questions to move your mind away from negativity whenever you are erroneously thinking or feeling less than wonderful. Just one whole week of happiness by controlling your thoughts, that is the game. 

To get started controlling your mind with questions you are to wake up every day for seven days, and first thing sit at your desk and ponder the answers to these questions in your mind...5 minutes should do it, take more if you are enjoying the energy. 

1. What am I MOST grateful for today? 
2. What am I most happy about today? 
3. What am I most enthusiastic about today? 
4. Who am I proud of today? 
5. Who do I love? 
6. Who Loves Me?

How to Play.
When you do the daily questions notice how they feel and notice the difference between being grateful and being happy and being proud of someone etc. We need to experience the flavors of different kinds of positive emotions. Do this every day no matter what. If you won't do it just notice why.
It may be because you don't think happiness and the entrainment of positive emotion is as valuable as something else (like sleeping too long or running around scattered or being upset). 5 minutes is all we ask here. So If you have problems with this it might be time to re-evaluate your values and their order of importance. 

Now, throughout the day whenever you find your mind in a less than positive state you are to ask a question that moves your mind. You see your mind can't resist a question, it HAS TO answer it, it is a compulsion that our minds have so beware of negative questions like why can't I do it, or I wonder what's wrong with me, him her etc. 

So whenever you catch yourself in the grey area of negative thinking ask a powerful new question. What's great about this? How can I do it even better? You see this implies that you are doing it good, the word EVEN better does it. How can I feel even more love right now? How can I love myself even more right now, How can I appreciate her, him, even more right now.

OK try it right now...that's right go ahead...Do the first six questions and notice how they feel. Close your eyes and answer the questions. Go ahead it's really easy.

So how was it? How did it feel? How does it feel to be proud of someone? As compared to feeling grateful?

Tips for a more successful Game.
How about this, you create a question of the day every day after you do the exercise. 
Like How can I have an even better day today? How can I be really productive today? What can I do to make this the best day I have had? Who can I make happy today? What can I do today so that I feel more important? 

When you are having a difficult time playing, please notice your reluctance to be happy. This game is really very easy, as soon as you ask a question your mind goes to that file and gets the answer.'s automatic. So the only thing that will get in the way is you aren't sure that you can take care of yourself from the happy state. You have used various forms of anger and upset to control your behavior and the behavior of others for a long time so this will be different and it will stimulate you to grow in an extraordinary way.

Here is an important tip: if you are in a negative state  please move your body when you ask the new question, stretch make an arm gesture sit up straight. Spin once,  punch your fist into your hand, do a jig whatever just do something to move your mind at the same time that you move your body. It makes it all work better.

If you need to solve a problem or motivate someone at home or at work you can't get angry this week, you have to ask a new question, How can I get her to change                 in a loving way? 
How can I accept him right now and still motivate him to                  ? How can I motivate my employee without judgment?  You see this will open up some new avenues of thought for you. 

One place where this game may challenge you is when you start to beat yourself up. You do this to motivate yourself, so lets say you fail at something and feel bad, then you have to turn your mind right away just can I feel really good about myself even though I failed? What did I learn? How can I motivate myself to do an even better Job next time? How can I get what I want in  a joyous way?

If you find the Game difficult you might just wonder... who are you playing against? Is there some aspect of you that doesn't want to be happy, if so ask it, why don't you want to be happy? It will tell you and this will be very revealing. This is where you might want to call me and get some coaching. 303-838-9467

Engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. This will at the very least double the fun. Each week the game changes so keep a journal, Save the lessons and if one really works for you then play it for a month. If you really want to get the benefits keep score, give yourself points for each time you do the exercise. Consider creating some healthy competition with your friend, play for lunch or something. Most  importantly have fun May I suggest that you read this again half way through the week to see if you have missed something.

Effects you may  experience.
These will occur more and more as you choose Love over non-important things. 

Power over yourself gives you everything...
It comes from knowing you are in charge of your mind and therefore all your feelings. Yes you can feel anyway you want by asking a question in a certain way and letting your mind move there.

Yes you can now make it happen whenever you want. Really...Will you do it? Love is a verb, it is something you do and the best way to stimulate Loving is to ask the question: Who do I love? What do I love? How can I love even more? and then go ahead and love...

You have always had it. Now use it, move your mind whenever it gets stuck in the old ruts. Or don't do it if you prefer a horror story but know it's all up to you and you can do  it if you want. Yes you can play any story you want in your imagination, but if you want to change the story ask a new question.

Creative thinking...leading to worldly successes like money, promotions at work, new clients etc

WOW, just ask questions like a child and you have your true genius at your command. How can I make more money now? How can I own the company now? How can I make the greatest impact on the most people now. You get the idea... (or you will ) 

Just ask: How can I                            ? and fill in the blank. Just remember the game is about doing all of it from a happy loving state of consciousness so if your question doesn't deliver you will have to re-phrase it until it does. If you get lost at any time just go back to the daily questions and feel the energy. Use them as a model until you have developed the skills necessary to stay in the Zone.

The reason you have this game is because I asked a question. How can I help the most people, with the least effort, and the least expenditure of money NOW? The answer was create the unique week game, so help me out if you will, forward it to your mailing list so I can help more people every week. 

Joyous Transformation of your life 
I guarantee it. If you apply this lesson with diligence, in a year you will have such a fantastic quality of life you won't believe it. Do the questions every day even when this weeks game is over.

Yes, there's a chance...there's always a chance... it all depends on the question you ask, you just might ask one that wafts you into the world where there are no more questions because everything is known, loved, understood. LOVE is the shortcut, take it and escape the game forever if you dare.

Are you a player?  Is life an adventure? Do you dare take risks? Are you ready to Play the Ultimate Game with your life?

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.



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