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Have a Unique Week #3

Life can be a game but only if you play. The unique week is a thought game. Dare to  have fun with this. This game will help you to lighten up and it may change your life too. See how  thinking differently can affect you. Please forward this page to anyone who needs to cheer up, this might be just what they need. 

This weeks game!

Every time you are tempted to complain about some chore or disagreeable task realize that you are doing exactly what you want to do because you prefer doing it to the consequences of not doing said disagreeable task. 

For example let's say you are tempted to complain about the traffic on the way to work, realize you are doing exactly what you want because you prefer that paycheck to the uncertainty of not having one. Then let your power flow in by knowing you are the boss of your life and make a statement, for instance you might say...

"I am doing exactly what I want to do, so I might as well enjoy it".

How to Play.
Every time you are tempted to complain about anything, realize that you are free and you are exercising your freedom in this very moment. You are always doing exactly what you want to do. You are always choosing to do certain things for certain reasons
(to avoid pain or increase pleasure). 

The only thing that you have to do is choice there. You also have to drink water occasionally, eat, defecate, and stay somewhat warm, but that's it. In every other instance you are exercising your free will, so start to notice it and you will never be able to feel like a true victim again.

OK try it right now...that's right go are free to jump up. scratch your head, love someone, think any thought, move about, and feel any way you want to. You could walk away from everything right now if you wanted to, you just don't want to. Go ahead say it "I am doing exactly what I want to do, so I might as well enjoy it".

So feel that a responsibility. No longer can you blame or complain when you know you are free to come and go and do whatever you want and think whatever you want and as a result of those thoughts you can feel whatever you want. Say it  "I am feeling exactly what I want to feel, so I might as well feel good".

Tips for a more successful Game.
The statements you make will really help you feel the power. So use these affirmations and make up any other ones that suit you.  "I am doing what I want so I might as well do it the best I can". There is a great power in noticing how you talk to yourself. Say, I am in charge and I
am doing what I want so I think I'll really do it well this time. Get into it, talk to yourself in this way, feel the power. Put the emphasis on different words to feel more power. I am in charge and I am doing what I want so I will do it right this time. You get the idea. Just say it whenever you forget.
I am in charge and I am doing what I want so I'll do it great this time. 

When you are having a difficult time playing, please notice your reluctance to be powerful and free. Indeed it is so much nicer to blame others or the world or the environment or the economy but just for this week know you are free. This week turn off the world outside and the nightly news. None of that nonsense has any effect on you anyway it's just a handy scapegoat for blame. So for one week you are all powerful you are always free to do exactly what you want and you are always acting on your own behalf. You are always doing exactly what you want to do. 

If you forget and catch yourself complaining say "excuse me oh little victim self, you can complain later but now lets play the game... then know you are free to play. You are free to stop complaining, you are free to think whatever you want. And even when you are complaining you are doing exactly what you want to do, you are being a victim because that's just what you want to do.

Engage a friend in this and share the experiences that you have. This will at the very least double the fun. Each week the game changes so keep a journal, Save the lessons and if one really works for you then play it for a month. If you really want to get the benefits keep score, give yourself points for each time you do the exercise. Consider creating some healthy competition with your friend, play for lunch or something. Most  importantly have fun!

May I suggest that you read this again half way through the week to see if you have missed something.

Effects you may  experience.
These occur just by realizing life is  a game. 
Comes from knowing you are in charge and doing what you want. Maybe you didn't know that you are always in charge and always doing exactly what you want to do for your own reasons. Feel the power that occurs when you know you are free, response-able and doing what you want. 

Yes this too will occur, especially in your relationships with your spouse and kids when you see that no one is manipulating you. You are just doing what you want.
You may not have realized it before. But really, think about it. You are always free to do whatever you want. You always decide what will give you the greatest gain and then do that. Freedom is just a realization. Realize it now.
Creative thinking...

knowing you are free to think anything you want gives you the opportunity to solve your problems in different ways. Just ask yourself, what do you want? then create. Do you want to be creative? Then play the game full out. 

Transformation, and  a little  vertigo from unexpected teleportation...
Always these are possible here. If you play  full out you may find your true Self
(out beyond your little self) and you might have a sense  of the ground falling away. 


Yes, there's a chance...
If you play this game  the dreamlike quality of life may reveal itself to  you. If so you will be like Neo in the Matrix and you will begin creating your own way of looking at the world. 

You  may get this funny feeling that this game is actually the truth and everything else in life is make believe. This can be unsettling  and if it occurs you can  call me but there's no telling  what I will say...

Probably exactly what you need to hear...

Are you a player?  Is life an adventure? Do you dare take risks? Are you ready to Play the Ultimate Game with your life?

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.



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