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Have a Unique Week 10

The game this week is all about being open minded. Powerful successful people do not have many opinions. Sorry, yes that does mean what you think.  Powerful people know that there really are no facts, everything is a point of view, and what could be facts have been altered with sensationalism to sell more newspapers. 

An opinion is simply a judgment that  helps people feel powerful in any area in which they have no chance of ever making an impact. People who do make an impact don't have time  to banter with others about their Self-importance with  opinions. they are too busy actually influencing events and the world.

This weeks game!
Have the opposite opinion



The picture above is what happens to your face if you hold too many opinions for too long a time.

So this week, to prepare for having no opinions, (which is one of the keys to peace and power) have fun whenever you catch yourself being opinionated. Make yourself a case for the exact opposite point of view.

That's right, build a compelling argument for the opposite opinion, and do it so well that you could actually express it to a jury and believe it yourself. Also: whenever you catch yourself verbally expressing your self importance through opinionating, realize that you look like the face above, laugh, and lighten up a bit. Don't defend any of your opinions either.

You will then be starting to end the consciousness of war within yourself. Many wars are the result of people fighting to defend their opinions. And this is a waste of time, energy,  and life force.

How to Play.
To get the most out of this game have a sense of humor. Print the picture and carry it around with you as a dire warning not be a Butt-head, or an opinionated, pompous and self righteous person.

OK try it right now... pick something that you really get mad about and create the opposite point of view. If it is Somebody you are arguing with presently, make them right.

Tips for a more successful Game.
Notice your violence, anger, and resistance, if you don't you are not playing. Create the opposite point of view about some position you are defending. Your righteousness is always some ego trip, sorry there are no exceptions to this. 

So a great place to practice is with anyone who you "KNOW" is wrong in the opinion that they hold counter to yours, or their bad actions. So in your mind let them be right and try to figure out how this could possibly be.

Don't worry, the world won't fall apart. But you won't know this until you play. Before you play, you do believe that your safety and security depend upon your having these powerful judgments about the world.

For extra credit,  use your "Spiritual","Religious" and "Political" beliefs. Other great areas are, Judgments against your parents or siblings or spouse. Just pretend that they are right, and see how flexible you can be. Later you can let go of all opinions and this exercise will make it easier. Anything that you believe in strongly will do for this exercise.

Sit down over coffee with a friend and reverse (or clear) as many of these self-righteous opinions as you can. If you have a lot of opinionated friends you are in trouble, they will get offended at the mere idea of letting go of this most valuable ego-trip-currency. Really, check it out, feel the aggression, anger, righteous indignation.

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Effects you may  experience.
You will forgive everyone in your life, and this will give you incredible energy, eternal youth, creativity, and happiness. Also you will experience Love,   Healing,  Peace and Contentment. 

And this will give you a greater ability to perform at your peak in all areas in direct proportion to the amount of opinions you release..

If you know someone who needs to play a little more or have a unique week feel free to forward this page to them. Here is the address.



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