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Is your life ruled by unconscious rhythms and patterns?


Would you like to know why money leaks out of your life. 
Why do some of your relationships fail to thrive? Why do you have setbacks? 
Why is it that no matter what you do... you never really change. 

Do you ever wonder why you can't lose weight.
Why do you stay in situations that are less than optimal? 
Why do your numbers and bottom line remain within a predictable range?

The answer lies in understanding "Patterns" and "Rhythms".

Here is a common pattern. You just start to get ahead financially and make a little extra money and “BAM” all of a sudden your car needs repairs that equal the amount you just made. Does this sound familiar? Have you seen some patterns like this in your life around money, around relationships, around health, business or just plain happiness that comes and then vanishes? 

When you begin to see patterns and look at them you begin to take conscious control over your life. There are patterns and there are rhythms that control your life when not examined. Patterns and rhythms are different entities. 

I believe that the infrequent or occasional pattern is the most nefarious and potentially dangerous because it seems to come out of nowhere and it sets you back. It can knock you on you butt. These patterns can also show up as explosions of force, accidents and breakdowns. That’s why they need to be seen, understood and exorcised from your energy field or subconscious mind. These patterns keep you down, they keep you in your place, they set you back and they need to GO! They also keep you a little bit cynical and resigned and they make you quit trying after a while, they are debilitating to your positive outlook on life. 

Can you relate? You are just starting to get ahead and do really well and then ”BAM” accident happens, or a crisis occurs in your life, a drama ensues and that new peace is gone. You see, there is a part of the subconscious that feels threatened when things go too well. You and your lover are doing well, maybe on vacation, you feel the romance blossoming, or re-kindling, feeling in love, then “BAM” a fight over some small thing puts you both back in your place, a little bit uneasy, a little bit reserved, a little bit colder. 

The infrequent pattern is more destructive because it is so infrequent you may not realize it is a pattern. It comes out of nowhere, does a number on you, and then retreats back into the shadows of the subconscious until the next time you violate the established and agreed upon limit. Then it comes sweeping in to restore balance. 

Once you begin to see it as an energetic pattern rather than “How life is” you can begin to unwind it. You must first understand it is trying to help you. It is trying to protect you from too much love, too much money, and too much esteem or success or whatever you determined would not be good for you when you were younger. There are frequently some religious undercurrents running here, blessed are the poor, etc. 

Now lets consider the difference between a pattern and a rhythm. You have lots of little rhythms running in your life. Every Friday you have ice cream. After every victory you drink to celebrate. After every discouragement you drink to soothe the pain. Every Sunday you go to church and then to lunch. Rhythms are how you construct your life. They are neither bad nor good per se, they are just vehicles of expression. Becoming conscious of the ones you like and the ones you don’t value anymore is a very evolutionary thing to so. What rhythms support you and bring you joy? 
Which ones need to be changed in your life?

Learning to work with rhythms can transform your life, remove dangerous patterns and create long-term happiness, consistent success, more peace, enduring love relationships and abundance. 

Large global rhythms (unrecognized) can squash the life out of you. They rule many people, here’s an example of a large common global rhythm. You have one too. 

Wake up to an alarming sound, feel regret, wish you could sleep more. Rush to get breakfast. Rush into traffic to get to work on time. Deal with minor stress as you commute. Wok, enjoy lunch have some plusses and some minuses. Tell a few stories. Have a few laughs. Enjoy the ride home with only minor stress. Come home and make a drink, chill out. Eat, maybe have another drink. Watch TV or read a book, go to sleep. Wake up and do it again. Then have the Saturday rhythm which h is better, and an enjoyable Sunday rhythm and then do it again. 

Many people live lives of quiet desperation when trapped in a mediocre rhythm. Their spirit may not be fully expressed. But once you understand how to shape rhythms your entire life can be fantastically fulfilling because a large part of rhythm mastery is the thoughts you think and the stories you tell about your life. Can you get a sense of the benefits of your global rhythm and the drawbacks also? Are you ready to start creating a new rhythm and enhancing your life? 

The danger of an unexamined global rhythm is that it can kill you. An unsatisfying rhythm can be dangerous in the long run because if your spirit is not expressed (creative and joyous) it eventually decides that life here (trapped in this rhythm) is not fun, it’s boring. Spirit then decides to leave, this is called entropy, a law of thermodynamics that states "energy trapped within a closed system moves down and out". So the body sickens and the life force lowers and the spirit escapes to rock on in more fun dimensions, hence death occurs. 

Did you know, LIFE is supposed to be FUN.

Don’t jump up and try to change all your rhythms right away. You will get smacked down by resistance. 
When a person tries to break out of a long standing rhythm they can run into a brutal course correction when the governor re-establishes balance. The governor is a seeming powerhouse of core beliefs that have not been changed. A belief has a lot of energy behind it and these governing beliefs are somewhat sentient, they will fight to protect themselves because they think that your safety depends on them being there to hold you in place. Yes a belief will fight to preserve its life. 

This is the cause of the infrequent pattern correction (saboteur) that knocks you down when you start to get ahead. Have you ever heard yourself say “No matter what I do, I can’t get ahead” or “No matter what I do, I can’t have a good relationship” or “No matter what I do, I can’t ___________” Its because the one thing we have to do first is find the beliefs and change them, then the actions will work, otherwise you are cruisin for a bruisin. For example “No Matter What I Do  I can’t keep the weight off” is because a part of the operational system believes that keeping the weight is a matter of life and death. 

This seemingly powerful governor is usually completely unwound when we find the very specific clear sentence that expresses the core belief and change it. Then miracles seem to occur, the phone rings, you get an offer, unexpected money flows in, and people act differently. 

The trick is finding that one sentence that removes the Neuro-linguistic hallucination from your life and stops it from manifesting all the accidents, trials, and tribulations. Many people value trouble; create it, overcome it, and use it as a proving ground. Wouldn’t it be easier to just not manifest it, be happy, be successful, and keep moving forward in your life? 

Introducing the “Ring Pass Not” It is a rhythm, or a belief, or a governor that wants to keep you contained and safe within its limiting walls. No Matter what you do, your governor will not let you have the goods, or the love, or the new life until it is sure that you will be OK with that. You and the governor have to have a chat. You and the governing force (belief) have to have a realization or illumination and literally see the dynamics of the “Ring Pass Not” before it will let you out. 

This governing energy is transformed when you find a very specific single thought that has sentenced you.
It occurs literally as a sentence spoken in your life story that you have long since forgotten. But when you first uttered it, it became law.

One Sunday each month a small group of us gathers to learn a technology for releasing the Ring Pass Not of limiting beliefs.  We will have fun doing this. You will learn how to give yourself an AHA moment whenever you need one with a unique dialogue process. The AHA you get will be a joyous event and you will feel the release on all levels. Everyone who attends the Luminar (illuminating seminar) will have a release and learn how to create releases on all subjects. 

This is important work because if you try to change your behavior or your life situation without changing the underlying driver it won’t work, you’ll get discouraged, and maybe incur the wrath of the governor as some sort of sabotage like an accident, or explosion of force that costs you time, love, life-force, and money. And if you try to change by just pushing harder the reaction gets worse, you may break through the walls for an instant but then the governor kicks in, however when you release the thought that has you trapped everything just gracefully opens to you and offers itself freely to you.

OK, lets get practical; there is something you want. What is it? 

When you remove the “Ring Pass Not” it will move towards you and you will move towards it with no resistance. When you remove the “Ring Pass Not” you can have that as your life experience. 

There is something you want to do. What is it?

Be honest, maybe you have given up on it, maybe you shouldn’t give up on it. Maybe your wanting it is OK.

When you remove the “Ring Pass Not” you can have it as your life experience. Everything is energy. Sometimes waves of it emanate from you. On October 19th I will teach you how to remove the counter waves that keep you from having the life you deserve. 

What do you want to do, be, or have? Consider the answer to that question.

What is a new level you would like to move towards without sabotage?

When you remove the counter waves and the “Ring Pass Not” you can do that thing, have that life, and be that person. There is a level that you want to attain; it could be in Spirituality, or Career, or health or wealth, or happiness and joy. 

Why can’t you have that? This is a good question to ask when considering your desires. This question shows you the walls of your Ring Pass Not but don’t try to tear down the walls, when you remove the driver the walls will fall down by themselves. Until the driver is removed the walls will just get rebuilt to keep you safe from too much success, too much love, too much spirituality, and too much happiness, all of which pose a threat to our ego thought system. 

Join us as we gather to “Create a Wonderful Life” From 1:00-4:00 at Mount Vernon Country Club. I’m calling it a Luminar rather than a seminar, because all who attend will receive illumination. Every one who attends will release a pattern or limitation. You will have an AHA moment or three. Learn an easier way to create a life of joy, wealth, health, happiness, and freedom without the usual sabotage and interference from your ego. You will meet some wonderful people who will become good friends to you. You will learn a science and proven technology and methodology for removing resistance and having more consistent success in the areas that mean the most to you. 

A part of this Luminar will be dedicated to showing you the 8 archetypal thoughts that all kids are taught which create the basis for a limited life. These are 8 beliefs that are introduced into every child’s consciousness by their family and environment. Until cleared you do abide by them. These core beliefs become the drivers that create the limits and the subsequent Ring Pass Not. They can easily be transcended once you know what they are and how to dialogue with them…So join us on Sunday October 19th

The cost is only $45.00 and this could be worth many thousands of dollars to you because you'll attract more abundance AND you'll save on all the disasters and setbacks that won't happen anymore. Don’t think about it. Just reserve your seat. Now. 720-417-9631 or e-mail me If you think about it your old governor will probably talk you out of it so your life can stay the same. Just do it. We only have room for twenty people and this will fill up fast, so if you are ready for a new adventure with a group of great new friends call me or e-mail right now. You’ll feel great about it.

Ask yourself; What do you really want?
Maybe you are afraid to want that because it seems too good to be true, but let me assure you once you remove the resistance you will start moving towards it and it will start moving toward you because…

What you want wants you...



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