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Turn your career into a calling
how to feel great about what you do.

In this seminar the participants learn how to believe in themselves and feel good about their work. In this highly interactive seminar we unveil the core values that drive us and keep us inspired. The participants will learn how to use empowering questions to stay motivated. What do you love about your life? By answering certain questions you move your mind into a more positive place. In this mini workshop I will teach the participants how to re-frame a story so that they are empowered by it. This is the fine art of creating Paradigm Shifts and although it is simple and easy to learn it has the power to change your life forever.


The secrets of staying in The Zone
Keeping yourself in shape mentally and emotionally

Have fun as you move toward your wonderful life. Say goodbye to the blues because you no longer have time for that. You are now playing a fun game and you are on your way to a wonderful place. It’s your future. You are now on your way to a wonderful life. This seminar teaches you to know what you want, know why you want it, know that you can have it, and know how to get it. 

This program teaches you how to refine your goals so that they become motivational rocket fuel for your engine. In this training I teach a paradigm shift called “Living Life As A Game”. I teach a special way to score this game that keeps you in the zone of peak performance and motivates you every day to reach a little further toward the life you want to live. This powerful training uses the principles of Psycho-Cybernetics and mental rehearsal to help you move effortlessly into an inspiring future that you can create now.


Becoming the Genius that you are
This is an entertaining talk on how to cultivate great ideas and put them to work for you. We take a lighthearted look at Phase transition; a principle from quantum physics that creates nuclear power by working small. 

I will teach you how to generate teamwork and community spirit by having “innovation festivals” for idea generation. You will learn how the smallest ideas can produce the biggest results through an innovative thought process called splitting the atom. Learn how to free-associate for greater non linear thinking, how to harness the good ideas and how to avoid wasting time on bad ideas.

The full day Seminar "Stress Free and Powerful" teaches your people how to achieve incredible results in far less time than ever before, with calm effortless efficiency. This program in stress management and personal power is tailored to your specific needs and can handle current issues that your organization may be facing at any given time.


All my Workshops enhance...
* Leadership
* Life Balance
* Success
* Goal Setting
* Peak Performance
* Personal Growth
* Into The Genius Zone
* Positive Thinking

All workshops include...

1. Problem Solving: the ability to deal directly with problems and make positive changes to resolve them.

2. Communications: the ability to honestly share thoughts and feelings with others to promote mutual understanding.

3. Closeness: a comfort level with others and the ability to connect with people in your environment.

4. Flexibility: an openness and ability to respond to change.

Many things get handled without being directly approached such as:
* Attitudes
* Goals and Priorities
* Planning
* Managing
* Procrastination
* Teamwork
* Reducing stress
* Increasing productivity

Relaxed and Powerful
The end of stress and the beginning of resourcefulness.

This is a lighthearted and entertaining talk that will teach people simple methods for reducing stress and becoming a more creative problem solver at the same time. This training will help people to be happier in all areas of life. Did you know that stress is the inevitable result or reaction to a story you are telling yourself about an immanent disaster. This story releases the adrenaline which creates the physiological reaction that we call stress. Change the story and the stress can vanish. Stress is how we motivate ourselves and others but there is a better way. In this talk you will learn how stress is used as a motivator and how to use an inner dialogue process to end stress and become more creative and resourceful.

Workshops teach these skills to individuals or groups.

* Capitalize on personal strengths to eliminate stress
* Learn to eliminate common, daily stressors by reframing them
* Communicate more effectively
* Effective Listening
* Developing specific Communication Skills
* Creative Problem Solving
* Secrets of Self-Motivation and Personal Power
* Transform negative attitudes into positive ones.
* Foster teamwork.
* Inspiring leadership and building an innovative organization.
* Increasing flexibility and overcoming resistance to change.

I work with individuals and groups based on their natural inclinations and I help them to be self-referred, self confident, creative and then powerful enough to launch their innovative ideas. When people work in their true genius they get very efficient and their Time Management is easy without focusing on time management. Thinking in a certain way and being deeply relaxed produces effortless efficiency and a natural cohesion and order.

On the outside this process may begin with techniques and a certain cultivation of "the Golden Hour" a space where no interruptions occur. But the truth is that the entire phenomenon of genius occurs from an inner cultivation of the heart and a left-right brain cohesion, There is an inner dialog process that uses the pure logic of the left brain hemisphere to sort out the conflicting emotions and ideas contained in the right-brain.

The attitude and inner dialog that I teach generates original concepts and goes beyond the standard approaches, to see the essence of the problem or opportunity and the big picture also. This approach helps people recognize new directions; develop ways to promote ideas and move toward implementation. This Eastern and Western blending helps people to challenge and analyze old ideas to detect potential problems and move into true genius and innovation. Some of the emotional benefits are…

* Enthusiasm
* Integrity
* Self-Renewal
* Courage
* Wisdom, discrimination and sound judgment
* Performing at peak levels with lots of energy
* Enhanced Calm in Problem Solving
* Collaboration
* Inspiriation

In training people to use these processes we develop powerful listening skills.

It's estimated that people screen out or change the intended purpose of what they hear in over 70% of all communications! The biggest factor contributing to such miscommunication is the preconceptions and perceptions of the listener.

All Listening Approaches are enhanced by "the Socratic Dialog". It helps people in your organization:

* Discover a natural approach to listening.
* Develop their listening strengths.
* Improve their ability to understand people.
* Use listening to enhance communication.
* Overcome barriers and reduce conflict.
* Enhance individual and team performance.

This Socratic Dialog helps individuals understand themselves and their relationship with another people in a social or work setting. That other person may be a coworker, significant other, or parent. It might also be a friend, supervisor, teenage child, spouse or another relative.

Information provided through this dialog offers a framework for understanding and appreciating people. The end result of this approach is more successful relationships in all areas of life. But most importantly it frees up energy and enables a person to trust their intuition and become more self-referred. It enables a person to do a brainstorming process that utilizes intuition and right brain creativity for solutions.

The Creating a Wonderful Life events 
A new standard of thought
Monthly at the Mount Vernon Country Club 12:00-5:00

On Sunday you can sleep in, go to an interesting event that changes your life forever, make some great new friends and still get home in time for a relaxing and inspired evening. Consider it! You will learn how to create a life of freedom, love, art, beauty, creativity, expression, romance, deep meaningful relationships, wealth, radiant health, eternal youth, and financial freedom, and that's just the beginning. You will also learn how to be stress free. And your first one is free!

Does this sound too good to be true? It is good, and it is true, and  that's why it sounds that way


"Since we did the  program in January  of 2001, We have increased our income by $20,000.00 per month. The work reminded us who we really are." click here to see  why YOU might consider having or attending an event




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