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When you
Split the Atom" 

you release a nuclear explosion of abundance into your life.

Welcome to your session. 

I will help you see the one thought that is holding you back most of the time. And I will show you how to release it. This session is free.  Take advantage of this, it will change your life.

What I ask is that you value this work, do the exercises and produce a miracle in your life. If you value this process and focus on it you will have a profound shift in awareness.

In this one on one session we are going to create a new vision that inspires you; create the small steps you need to implement it, and remove any limiting beliefs you  have that may be standing in your way.

Working small can create a wonderful explosion of goodness in your life. When you work small you do not incur resistance. Working small is the most potent way to have consistency.

When you try to do  some huge shift right away you  may incur psychological or subconscious resistance.
When you work consistently on small things you do not arouse the resistance of the ego. 

There are some things I would like to know about you prior to our session.

What one thing (done or accomplished) would deliver you to most of your other goals?

This is the key first question. So see what pops into your mind, this intuition is probably right on.

Next we'll use the mental field to explore further. What are your desires, dreams, next level, wants, wishes?
Write it all down freely expressing everything that occurs to you.

What's your story? This is a snapshot of your current situation, and your current problems. Please include any past details, problems, or wounds you have received. This will help me to intuitively read your field.

This is your part of the work and you will feel good just getting it expressed. It need not take more than 30 minutes to write all the answers, but take whatever time you need. Just the big details are what I need.

Now that you have all your goals and dreams revealed in your consciousness, (even the forbidden ones, you know, the ones that seem too good to be true, include those) ask the key question again.

What one goal (accomplished) would deliver me to most of the things I want?

Now ask; Why can't I have that? write down everything that occurs for you. Doing this in advance will save us a  lot of time. And getting your answers to me in an e-mail will begin to release you from that energy and have me begin working for you so you can get the most benefit from our coaching session. You will be leasing space in my mind and I will be On the Case. Visit the article on Patterns to see what may be occurring in your life.

First do the exercises on this page and send me an e-mail with your results. I will process the information, meditate on it, ponder it and ask for the grace and divine guidance you deserve. E-mail me or call me at 720-417-9631 to schedule a time for a one on one session or call. Things will already be shifting for you. 



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