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What you focus on Expands.

This is a law that can serve you well once you use it consciously.  You have noticed this law in effect. For example, you have decided to buy a red Honda and all of a sudden you see Red Hondas everywhere. That is a mundane demonstration of this law.  

All good managers know this law. They acknowledge their employees for the wonderful things they do and then suggest the next level of improvement, like this. “Hal, you are doing a great job in shipping, those last orders went out way ahead of time and I really appreciate that, and I have a great idea for how we might make it even better. Then the good manager will catch Hal in the act of doing things right, and acknowledge him then and there. This makes the positive acknowledgement real and Hal won’t feel patronized.  

I use this all the time in teaching martial arts. I tell the kids how wonderful they are doing and then I add the improvement I want them to make. Then I catch them looking good and I make a big deal out of it. Later the parents often say, how is he able to do this, he was totally uncoordinated. This method overcomes limitations and makes the world a happier place because there is a lot of love going on in this practice. And Love is magical.  

Because what you focus on expands, focus on Love. Decide to see what you love. Decide to see it and you will, and it will expand. Decide to see the good in people and it will expand, making it hard for you to judge them harshly.

If you abolish the practice of condemning people, yourself, and the world we share, you will not be able to suffer. All suffering has a negative judgment at its core. The easiest way to quit judging is to decide to see the good first, no matter what. Then if you need to make changes go ahead offer some advice it will be received much better. 

Do this with all the people in your life and eventually you will find yourself surrounded by love and appreciation, it will all come back to you. The goodness you have decided to see will expand because you focus on it and draw it forth from others. And be sure you apply this law to yourself, see your goodness, see your strength, see your beauty and let it expand outwardly. And catch yourself in the acts of kindness that you do.  

What you focus on expands so start to acknowledge the good in yourself, your spouse, your kids, co-workers and everyone you meet. Watch the miracles as love begins to grow in your life. 

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John McKenna



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