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Life can be so simple.  

People with multiple personality disorder demonstrate an interesting point. Consider this: a woman has several personalities, one has Glaucoma, another is perfectly healthy, yet another personality needs glasses, and another one has diabetes. Interesting… Also documented are cases where a hypnotist touches a pencil to a hand saying it is a cigarette. A burn appears. Then he suggests that it was only a pencil. The burn disappears. What is the conclusion? The mind controls the body. Therefore, the healed mind can heal the body.

And what  heals the mind? Love. This is because the sickness of the mind is separateness from each other. Love each other and your life will be fulfilling. Your business will be successful. Your marriage will be a source of Joy. Your children will become wonderful adults. Your body will be young, vital and energetic. 

I went to see my father on his deathbed. He was ravaged with cancer throughout his body and brain. I went to say goodbye because we all felt maybe it was his last day. He couldn’t move, and he was barely hanging on. So we talked, we loved, and we connected. Love was present and it kept increasing and I could sort of see something shimmering out of the corners of my eyes. There seemed to be a light. I thought maybe the angels had come to carry him off.  

After a few minutes he said ”I think I’ll just beat this thing”. What… I went into a blissful shock as I saw him transform before my eyes. He sat up, called the nurse and ask to be checked out. The nurses, believing he had decided to go home to die, unplugged him and let him go. He walked out. He went home and resumed his life like “No Big Deal”. Needless to say, my mother and I were freaking out. But we got over it, we just had to cry a bit in the presence of this miracle of love.  

Miracles happen, and the point is simple. Just Love, choose love and when you forget, choose it again. You have to prove it to yourself to gain faith. So here is a simple way to start. See all people as your equals. Then give them the only gift worthy of one as beautiful as you. Give them perfect appreciation. Try it and see what happens, notice how it feels. Your life will completely change. Your problems will vanish. Your mind will heal. It’s really quite simple but it takes your willingness and attention in every moment. But you are worth it. So don’t forget to love yourself first. 

If there is someone who is difficult to love ask only that the way be given you and it will. Just be open to it. If you have trouble forgiving someone consider this. Carrying a grudge is like carrying hot coals hoping that one day you will be able to throw the coals on your enemy, but the whole time you carry them you get burned. In the meantime your enemy is out dancing. Just be willing and ask for the way, that’s the secret in the tough cases. There is a quote by Saint Theresa, “Pray only that you learn to love each other and GOD will give you more than you know how to desire”. I have found this to be true. Prove it to yourself. Love each other, and love yourself. Every aspect of your life will improve.

John McKenna



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