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Let Kids Teach You

Baby boomers are on a quest for eternal youth. They are seeking to be twenty or thirty so they can be attractive but the real magic is in becoming much younger. Pre-libido young. This is the age of innocence. Somewhere between ages five and twelve, children are enlightened beings. So, model them. We all act out roles in our imagination for fun. Children however, know they are playing, adults do not. A child will put on many roles as play. Adults put on a role, get serious, and believe itís true. 

Children ask questions from a sense of wonder like: Why is the sky blue? Why does the wind blow? Adults ask questions from a sense of doom. Like; Why is the world so screwed up? Adults focus on what is wrong. Kids focus on what is right. There is a clue here. What you focus on expands. Children donít have definitions, hence the wonder. Without definitions one might look at a tree asking what is this? This big, alive, moving thing, wow, what is it doing? Maybe itís dancing. We barely notice them because it is just a ĎíTreeíí. It has been defined. To attain childlike wonder drop the definitions. Look with fresh eyes. Things and people are quite amazing when you donít understand what they are. This is how to start being young. Ask unanswerable questions. Drop definitions. Wonder for yourself...

Why is the sky blue? 

Because thatís a pretty color. This might be the truth. This is the doorway into a nicer world. Kids donít have a lot of worries about the future because they sense a playful presence creating the World and it is nice, it is friendly. You too could have faith in the playful presence that has created all these weird and colorful wonders.  

The key to eternal youth is to jump in puddles. Play in the rain. Look without defining. Fresh eyes, fresh questions. Give up knowing how things are. Live Now. Know your identity is make-believe. Run and play . Let the pleasure of this teach you to do it more. Cherish innocence. Donít teach kids your worldview. Let them teach you theirs. Discover your innocence. This is the key to eternal youth, you are beautiful in your innocence.

John McKenna



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