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Ask for a Christmas Miracle and hold on. It's really quite easy to have them. Just ask for a happy miracle and know the entire Universe of love is saying yes to that request. Then wait expectantly and notice all the little miracles you get. Do it with a friend as a game and it's much more fun. To stay in alignment with your request you might consider this Mantra to use whenever you are tempted to leave your miracle mindset (happiness, love, joy, giving, and expectancy). The Mantra is this: 

"I am the possibility of a happy miracle because... (Then fill in the blank)

Because I asked and GOD says yes, because GOD wants one, because I trust, Because it would be nice, because I say so, because they happen all the time, because Santa Clause rules...You get the idea. Coming up with the reasons why feels good and gets you in the zone.

Then get ready and stay alert, they often appear disguised as coincidences or other seemingly normal things. The Mantra will keep you in the zone, cheer you up, raise your smileability, and have you looking around and expecting miracles. Whenever you have one, tell everyone and make a big deal about it and you will have more. Send me your stories if you want and I'll forward them around and we will create a Miracle Blitz. Here are a couple from me...

Remember, Miracles want you as much as you want them.
Miracles are like Santa Clause and the elves; they need you to believe in them.

To have more miracles, just value them more. Want them, celebrate them, expect them, talk about them, and write articles about them. And most of all decide to see them in everyday occurrences because that’s how they show up.

One day this Past November I woke up a little low, maybe a little disgruntled. I needed to cheer up. I was worried about low attendance and financial risk at a workshop I was promoting. All of a sudden thirty turkeys start rampaging through my yard. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. I have never even seen one wild turkey in my yard before. I thought, “how funny, don’t they know Thanksgiving is coming” They were making a big ruckus and they made me laugh. It was just what I needed. I looked the turkey up in a book on animal portents and it was said to be the symbol of a Native American “Gives Away” Ceremony and also a symbol of abundance. So I decided to give the workshop away for free, it was well attended and a huge gift of abundance flowed into my life as a result. The turkeys were a small funny Miracle and a sign for me. 

But I have a Christmas Miracle story for you too. I have to give a little preamble to this. In all my workshops I teach the Law of Attraction, which means that when you are in alignment with how good something feels you call it in to your life. In my talks I often tell a story about what can happen when you let go of struggle. The story usually goes like this... If you know what you want and you relax and feel it you might get guidance that tells you to turn left and voila, there it is… a bag of money. I use that example a lot. So it shouldn’t have surprised me (although it did) when I turned left and found a bag of money in the Southwest Plaza shopping mall the week before Christmas. 

It was in a nice decorative bag. I celebrated the wonder of that for a minute, and then I instantly and intuitively knew it was the life savings of a child who was Christmas shopping. I also knew without any doubt I would find him or her in all that mall chaos and huge crowd and 100s of stores. I just knew it. I wanted it. I was committed to it. So I grabbed the bag and continued shopping and enjoying the Christmas madness. An hour later I saw the child looking at me from 100 yards away. He saw me, I nodded, he ran to me, and we both knew everything was going to be all right. 

When he got there I got his bag out of my shopping bag where I had put it to consolidate my bundle. I gave it to him. I wanted to burst into tears of joy because he was so happy, Santa was nearby, carols were playing and it just felt wonderful. It was beautiful and it felt so right. 

Then he left and it hit me. How had he spotted me, his bag was inside my shopping bag. He saw me and knew right away I had it (from clear across the mall). Our eye contact was an instantaneous recognition, and his bag was not visible. Go figure…I guess the law of attraction and miracles might occasionally get together for a hot toddy over the holidays. 

If you want to attend my next workshop free as a holiday gift for you and a friend just rsvp from here or call me at 303-838-9467. And let me know if you are in on this Miracle game. I will appreciate your miracle stories.

John McKenna



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